The Books

  • Squishy McFluff The Invisible Cat!

    Can you see him? My kitten? Close your eyes tight
    His fur is so soft and all silvery white
    Imagine him quick! Have you imagined enough?
    Oh, good, you can see him! It’s Squishy McFluff!

    When Ava discovers an imaginary cat in the cabbage patch, she knows she’s found a new best friend. Together, Ava and Squishy McFluff get up to all kinds of mischief . . .

    • Published: February 6, 2014
    Squishy McFluff: The Invisible Cat!
  • Squishy McFluff Supermarket Sweep!

    When Mum drags Ava to the supermarket, her invisible cat Squishy McFluff can’t resist coming along, with hilarious, chaotic and surprising results!

    • Published: August 7, 2014
    Squishy McFluff and the Supermarket Sweep!
  • Squishy McFluff Meets Mad Nana Dot

    Ava and Squishy are up to their normal no-good when Dad whisks them off to Nana Dot’s – Mum’s got to go to the hospital to bring back Ava a baby sister! But Mad Nana Dot’s lost her glasses so can’t SEE Squishy McFluff . . . and a trip to the hairdresser’s, the post office, the fishmonger all end in adorable disaster.

    • Published: February 5, 2015
    Squishy McFluff: Meets Mad Nana Dot
  • Squishy McFluff Secret Santa!

    It’s Christmas! Ava and Squishy have helped decorate, wrapped everything (including the sofa) and been to the Christmas Fair, and written to Santa. But instead of all the presents, there’s one very special wish Ava has. Will anyone else ever be able to see Squishy?

    • Published: October 1, 2015
  • Squishy McFluffSeaside Rescue

    Ava and Squishy’s are heading to the seaside! Sun, sand, ice cream and digging through to Australia are all on the agenda. But disaster strikes when Squishy gets swept out to sea. Who would come to the rescue off an invisible cat?

    • Published: May 26, 2016
    Squishy McFluff: Seaside Rescue
  • Squishy McFluff Big Country Fair

    Squishy McFluff has been blow-dried and primped to perfection. He must win the Country Fair prettiest pet competition – and will if Ava has anything to do with it…
    But not everyone can see he’s the winner. The Mayor seems to have a particular blindspot … That is until Ava and her invisible pet foil a dastardly robbery!
    Another joyful, hilarious, instant classic of a tale for five year olds and upwards, stunningly illustrated by Ella Okstad.

    • Published: October 6, 2016
  • Squishy McFluff Tea with the Queen

    The first Squishy McFluff picture book is here!

    A day out with Squishy could never be boring!

    When Squishy and Ava go on a trip to London, they can’t resist the chance to explore the palace, but when they accidentally find the Queen, will she be able to see how wonderful Squishy is?

    • Published: April 4, 2019