Pip and Squishy head to Scotland

Posted on June 18, 2014. More News & Events

Pip and Squishy have been travelling all over, but now they’re heading northwards to appear at the the Edinburgh International Book Festival!


On Saturday 16 August at 11.30am, Pip will be introducing Squishy to a brand new audience. Come along to hear about Squishy, hear a reading from the book, and get a chance to help design the ULTIMATE imaginary pet. If you’re very lucky, and imagine very hard, you might even get to see Squishy himself.


For the grown ups, there’s even an event specially for you. Pip (we’ll try and keep Squishy in his cage) will be part of a panel discussion for the Wellcome Trust about imaginary friends and their impact on children. Click here to find out more, and join us on Friday 15 August at 5pm!