Meet the Characters

Squishy McFluff

Squishy McFluff is so sweet, you'll be smitten.
Such a clever and funny invisible kitten!

Squishy McFluff is a rather unusual cat – he’s invisible! Completely and utterly see-through. His owner Ava CAN see him though. Squishy is ever so good at coming up with ideas for fun things to do. In fact, he can find the fun in just about anything!

Squishy McFluff‘s Favourite Things

Favourite food: Invisible fish
Favourite game: Hide and seek (he's world champion)
Best quality: Invisibility
Best friend: Ava


Ava loves playing! Oh, she loves a good game.
But when things go wrong, well . . . SHE'S not to blame!

Ava is a little girl with a BIG imagination and she’s never happier than when she’s playing with her invisible cat, Squishy McFluff. She loves him soooo much – although sometimes his clever ideas for games do get them both into a spot of trouble.

Ava‘s Favourite Things

Favourite food: Jelly beans
Favourite game: Hide and seek
Best quality: Imagination
Best friend: Squishy McFluff


Mum loves her daughter, just as any mum would,
But she wishes that Squish would try hard to be good!

Mum can’t see Squishy McFluff, of course. Yet surprisingly enough, she still knows him awfully well. Mum is patient and kind, and although Squishy’s behaviour sometimes makes her turn a peculiar shade of purple, she knows how very, very much Ava loves him, so he’ll always be forgiven.

Mum‘s Favourite Things

Favourite food: Greens
Favourite book: 50 Ways to Tame a Toddler
Best quality: Patience
Special skill: Counting up to 10 (she does it ALL the time)

Great Grandad Bill

Great Grandad Bill, he can always advise.
He's a hundred years old, and INCREDIBLY wise!

Great Grandad Bill is rather old, but he has a lovely, happy twinkle in his eye. He knows just about everything in the whole world – and when there’s a problem to solve, well, he always knows exactly what to do.

Great Grandad Bill‘s Favourite Things

Favourite food: Victoria sponge
Favourite book: Encyclopaedia Britannica
Best quality: Wisdom
Hobbies: Drinking tea and inventing things

Baby Roo

She has miniature hands, she has miniature feet!
Baby Roo, Ava's sister, is ever so sweet.

Ava has a little sister! Baby Roo is very small and usually very cute – but sometimes she makes the most HORRIBLE noise! It’s nothing that a cuddle, a jiggle and rattle can’t cure though.


Baby Roo‘s Favourite Things

Favourite food: Milk
Favourite game: Peekaboo
Best quality: Cuteness

Mad Nana Dot

Meet Nana Dot! She's so happy and dotty.
Her hair is bright GREEN! And her whole house is spotty!

Ava and Squishy just love going to stay with Nana Dot – not only because she is both fun and funny, but also because she has a habit of losing her glasses. Gasp! Can Mad Nana Dot actually ‘see’ Squishy McFluff?

Mad Nana Dot‘s Favourite Things

Favourite Food: Fried eggs with bananas and honey
Favourite colour: Green
Best quality: Believing in invisible cats
Special skill: Interior design