What a lovely, Squishy World Book Day week!

Posted on March 8, 2017. More from Pip’s Blog

Squishy McFluff and I had an absolutely brilliant time last week, visiting hundreds and hundreds of children to celebrate World Book Day!

I saw some seriously fantastic costumes. It’s truly wonderful to see how much children love their favourite book characters, and how excited children get about books and about reading.

Two special *waves*…

Firstly to to Mei, who dressed up as Squishy (just look at the costume! So much love went into it, you’re a very dedicated mummy, Noa!), and secondly to Ellie, who dressed up as Ava, and took invisible Squishy to school with her! (I love the lead idea, by the way. Very sensible, Ellie, with such a mischievous kitten.)

I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did during World Book Day week – but remember, every day should be a Book Day! There are so many worlds to be discovered, and you wouldn’t want to miss out now, would you? 😉

Keep an eye on this blog for some exciting Squishy McFluff news soon! In the meantime, keep reading… and lots of love.

Pip x


One comment on “What a lovely, Squishy World Book Day week!”

  • Letitia Rowsell says:

    My daughter here in Australia dressed up as Avs for the book parade and we wondered if you might like to see her photo. If you wouldn’t mind letting us know that would be great. Thanks, Letitia

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