Happy New Year! And some Squishy news for 2016…

Posted on January 8, 2016. More from Pip’s Blog

Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful festive season, and perhaps enjoyed a reading or two of Squishy McFluff: Secret Santa. 🙂

As 2016 begins, Ella Okstad and I are really excited to be bringing out the next two books in the Squishy McFluff series.

The next to publish will be Squishy McFluff: Seaside Rescue! on June 2nd. Here’s a sneak preview of one of Ella’s gorgeous illustrations. Isn’t it sweet? The rest of the book is just as pretty, I can’t wait for you to see it!

In this book, Ava and her family are off on holiday – and of course Squishy McFluff is going along too. Naturally, the beach provides plenty of opportunities to inadvertently cause mayhem (and the pesky pair certainly don’t make themselves very popular with the ice cream man).

But, as you might guess from the title of the book, it’s not long before disaster strikes, eek! Someone is going to need saving… the question is, can it be done?

Since the Squishy McFluff series started publishing, I’ve had such lovely feedback, from both children and parents. One of my favourite things to hear is that parents love the relationship between Ava and her Mum.

The books were originally inspired by my own daughter Ava and her real (!) invisible kitten, so that really strikes a chord with me. I always wanted the stories to have a level of fun especially for parents, who could probably well imagine quite how frustrating an invisible kitten would be. In the books, Mum and Dad have done a lot of shrieking, eye rolling and fist shaking!

In Seaside Rescue though, you’ll see another side to Mum – and a true depiction of a mother’s unconditional love. Mums do whatever needs doing to make things better. Mums are heroes. Mums ROCK!*


Later this year, on October 6th, we will publish the sixth book in the series.

In Squishy McFluff and the Big Country Fair, you’ll get to meet Ava’s slightly crazy Auntie Tash, and see Squishy McFluff at the most fluffy he has ever, ever been – because he’s entering the Prettiest Pet Competition!

I’ll tell you more about that one later in the year. In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy the Squishy books on the shelves already.

Come back soon, because very shortly we will be revealing the cover of Squishy McFluff: Seaside Rescue!

Bye for now,

Pip xx

* Dads rock too, of course. 🙂

PS. Are you going to be in London on Sunday, February 21st? Come down to the Southbank Centre, where Laura Hughes and I will be reading our picture book, Daddy’s Sandwich (and making a giant silly sandwich of our own!) as part of Imagine Children’s Festival. The event starts at 2.30pm and you can find more details here



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