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Okay, okay – I know it’s July. But it’s July 25th! Which means it’s exactly five months ’til the big day! Or, if you prefer, ONLY 153 sleeps.

I suppose normally I wouldn’t be getting all festive quite so early in the year, but this year is different, because today marks the big – TA-DAAAA! – Squishy McFluff: Secret Santa cover reveal!!

It’s drawn, of course by the stupendously brilliant Ella Okstad. Isn’t it gorgeous? Look at their hats! You can’t see it here, but the cover even has some festive sparkle. 😉

This is one of a very limited number of early copies, which I can pore over happily until the rest of the books are printed. Squishy McFluff: Secret Santa will be out on October 15th, so in plenty of time for Christmas Day (which, in 2015, shall be known in my house as ‘Squishmas’ Day). Or maybe even for some Christmas Eve bedtime reading.

It’s hard to convey quite how lovely it was to write a Christmas Squishy McFluff story. I searched the corners of my mind and, suddenly, delicious faraway memories were washing over me. They made me prickle with excitement.

I was back there, a little person, in complete awe at the magic of it all. The festive build up, with Christmas trees and Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and eating mince pies but, mostly, willing away the days, just desperate for Christmas Eve to arrive.

And the night itself: lying there, convinced I’d never sleep (yet knowing I MUST). Clouds of my breath on the window as I checked the blackened sky for streaks of silver, hoping for a glimpse. And wondering over and over: will he come? Will he come?

Of course, for the highly imaginative Ava, and the highly mischievous Squishy McFluff, none of it happens quite that way. Oh, they do TRY to be good! I mean, what child / invisible kitten wouldn’t during the month of December? But even when they’re trying very hard to behave, things don’t quite go as expected. 🙂

Nevertheless, Ava writes to Santa, and in her letter, she reveals what her heart truly desires:

‘Mum said, as we tried to be helpful and pleasant,

I could write you a letter, and ask for a present.

So, I’ve thought very hard about what I would like,

A scooter perhaps, or a lovely new bike.

But what I DESPERATELY want, well, it’s more of a wish.

Just once, I’d like somebody else to SEE SQUISH!’

GASP! Somebody else see Squishy McFluff?! Impossible, surely? Well, you’ll just have to read the book, to find out! And fear not, I will be back to remind you about Squishy McFluff: Secret Santa. In fact, I rather expect I’ll be talking about it between now and, well, Squishmas.

Bye for now!

Pip x

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