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Welcome to the Squishy McFluff website! I hope you’ll have lots of fun looking round.

Squishy McFluff: The Invisible Cat! is my first book, so seeing it out in the world is incredibly exciting for me. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it (aren’t Ella’s illustrations just gorgeous?) In the meantime, I shall beaver away on the next books in the series!

It’s been about two years now since I wrote the very first draft of this story. Back then, it was just called The Invisible Cat – Squishy was named a bit later, when I wanted to write some more stories and I knew the cat would need to be called something fun. Something bonkers. Something an imaginative little girl would come up with.

Writers can get their inspiration from all over the place, from every experience, every person they meet. For me, my inspiration was in my own home. You see, about two and a half years ago, an invisible kitten ‘appeared’ in my house (AND IT IS STILL HERE…!).

My elder daughter Ava was very small at the time. One day she produced this tiny little thing out of nowhere. She called it Cat. I had to feed it and stroke it. Dan and I kept sitting on it. Well, you can read the whole story here because I wrote a column about it (it was so cathartic at the time!).

Having an imaginary cat has its pros and cons. It costs nothing (except a little bit of sanity) and it does invisible poos, which don’t need cleaning up. But it can be tricky when the cat keeps popping up in places you don’t expect. It’s even more tricky when the cat gets lost in a shop.

Anyway, certainly when Ava was very little (and her sister Ruby was even littler, and also joining in) there was just something magical about having an invisible kitten. Watching their burgeoning imaginations was beyond fascinating.

So the experience, and the column I wrote, made me wonder whether our silly story could be re-shaped as something for other children to enjoy. I hope your children enjoy it. So far, I’m pretty confident that the inclusion of the word ‘bum’ is going down well…

I hope that you grown-ups enjoy it too, perhaps in a slightly different way to your children. I mean, as parents, don’t we all sometimes play along? And we always KNOW… but we don’t always let on that we know!


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